I want to download pictures of the private account, so. How to download instagram private account videos and photos?

Use dlpanda.com to download any post of any account even the private account ( your account needs follow the private account first )


The following are the specific steps.

Open the DownLoadPanda website:

Paste your "ig_sessionid" cookie into the first input

And paste the post link into the second input.

Last, click the download button.


Important Step! how to find "ig_sessionid" cookie?

1. Open a browser on your computer

2. Go to instagram, login

3. Right click on the page and select "inspect" (Or just press "F12")

4. (As shown in the picture below) Select the "Application" tab

5. Select "Cookies" at the left side

6. Find the "sessionid" value, copy

7. Return our page, paste the "sessionid" value, input the instagram post link. Click download

Your Cookie(sessionid) only stored in your device.