Tiktok is a popular short video application in the world operated by ByteDance. Users can record short video clips from 15 seconds to 1 minute, and can also upload videos, photos, etc. they can easily complete the mouth matching with built-in special effects. On this magical platform, you can see "someone like you" by British singer Adele and some videos of people making up potatoes on tiktok. Since August 2018, this short video application has become popular among more and more users with different backgrounds.

The main reasons for Tiktok's popularity include:

  • Tiktok's video editing function is relatively simple, and special effects are easy to use, making it easier to make original videos;
  • A happy place in the Internet world;
  • Give everyone equal opportunities. Anyone can perform, sing and dance in front of the camera, gain praise from different people and become famous. Whenever the video creator receives countless likes, he will be elated and work harder;
  • Based on the algorithm, the number of video likes can easily exceed one million without having millions of fans;
  • Users can't extricate themselves from the accurate push of the algorithm until they are interested in the content.
A brief history of tiktok

In August 2017, the byte beating created the international version of TikTok tiktok, which determined the strategic target of investing millions of dollars in overseas markets.

In November 2017, byte beat acquired music, a similar product in North America, with us $1 billion Ly, created a larger video community. Musical. Ly's advantages in the short video field before being acquired are: full screen HD + music + filter effects, which also makes it very popular with young people. However, the global dau once stagnated at about 17 million. In order to break this bottleneck, we must make a reasonable content recommendation algorithm.

August 1, 2018, TikTok International Edition TikTok and musical. Ly merge, and the new application inherits the name "tiktok".

However, when the new tiktok landed in the mainland of the United States in August 2018, it was faced with a lot of abuse. The whole United States is looking forward to seeing its failure. Originally, musical Behind the high popularity of ly, there are many social problems of teenagers' network security. The final result really surprised some people. A month later, tiktok quickly swept the United States with lightning speed! Tiktok changed to music Ly in the past, the painting style of girls and uncles is famous for its rich brainwashing songs and interesting video stories. Many really talented, thoughtful, humorous and funny videos have occupied the mainstream. So how popular is tiktok in the world?

In just two years since birth, according to the report of sensor tower, a global app authoritative data company, in the global apple and Google App Stores, in the four quarters of 2019, except tiktok fell to the top three by one in the second quarter, the other three quarters ranked in the top three of the "list of apps with the most downloads in the world". By January 2020, tiktok has ranked first in the global download list.

So far, tiktok's short video application has been downloaded more than 2 billion times in the app store and Google play, with 800 million users worldwide, covering more than 150 countries and regions.

Behind the popularity is the tiktok magic algorithm

YouTube took 15 years, and the average user access time reached 21 minutes and 54 seconds. However, what force makes tiktok users spend an average of 52 minutes watching tiktok every day?

Users who watch videos don't need to search the content they want to see at all. They just need to move their little hands to point, watch a few videos and like a few. Tiktok will automatically identify and lock the content you like to watch, and then push similar videos for you to easily obtain uninterrupted happiness and stimulation, which is difficult not to be addictive.

Tiktok has a mature screening mechanism and system in video content side, so that high-quality video talent shows itself and continues to be pushed to users interested in this kind of video. The core point is the centralization of traffic distribution.

After the video is successfully released, the system will automatically allocate an initial playback volume of 0-1k. The satisfaction of these users will determine whether our works can enter the next level of traffic pool to obtain more traffic. If the user is satisfied, it will give the second wave traffic pool (1K – 5K playback), followed by the third wave traffic pool (1w-10w playback), and so on. Thus, high-quality video quality is the magic weapon to win.

Tiktok's traffic pool has different levels, and accounts with different weights have different traffic pools. The main criteria for tiktok are: number of points, number of comments, number of forwarding and completion rate. The weight distribution of the four is: playback volume (completion rate) > likes > comments > forwards.

However, there may be a case that an account has more followers, resulting in higher viewing times at the initial stage of video release. Therefore, when making video recommendation, the number of followers and whether the account has previously recommended videos of high quality are not within the calculation range of the recommendation system.

On the user data side, tiktok recommendation system is becoming more and more perfect, collecting user information from multiple dimensions, and finally forming accurate push.

These user behaviors include the following aspects:

Device and account settings: including language preference settings, country / region settings and device type;
The category of interest selected at the time of registration;
User usage scenarios, including the user's geographical coordinates, schedule, event labels, etc., reproduce the scene in which the user watches the video;
Video information you publish: including detailed information such as subtitles, sound and theme labels;
User interaction: videos you like or share, accounts you follow, comments you post, and content you create.

This information is processed by the recommendation system and then weighted according to the user value. According to the interest strength index, broadcast completion rate, or whether the viewers and creators of the video are in the same country / region, the strong index will gain greater weight.

To sum up, high-quality content and algorithms are the core secret of TikTok's popularity!