According to the latest report, Apple sold more than 40 million iPhones during the holiday season from Black Friday to Christmas, breaking the record. Consumers unpack new iPhones or Android phones on Christmas morning and download a large number of applications and games, or activate new subscriptions and make new in app purchases to upgrade their game playing methods, activate new characters, or upgrade their avatar skin.

Tiktok topped the global app download list on Christmas day, and oculus ranked first in the U.S. download list

Globally, tiktok, instagram and Facebook are among the top daily downloads on IOS and Google play. Telegraph ranks seventh, mainly because users still give priority to encrypted message services, and the growing user base has brought a strong network effect. Shopee ranks eighth and is the highest ranked shopping application in the world, driven by the strong growth in India, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Spotify ranks ninth in global downloads. The growth in demand for this music streaming app may be due to its "annual review" activity at the end of the year, which is widely shared on social media.

In terms of games, onesoft's brain story: trick puzzle ranked first after the new version was released in the app store on December 21, 2021. Zego studio's open world action game "pop rope game" ranked second, while psyonix's "Rocket League Sideswipe" ranked third. This is a popular racing football game on PC and game console, which has become the latest case of successful transfer to mobile game platform.

In the United States, people unpacked the new oculus virtual reality (VR) helmet at Christmas, making oculus ranked first in downloads on Christmas day. YouTube is the second most downloaded app, followed by tiktok and snapchat - which shows the charm of short videos and user generated content. Disney + is the most downloaded online video application on Christmas day in the United States, second only to Youtube. "Robox" is the most downloaded game in the United States, indicating that users' demand for metauniverse, social games and user generated content is still high.

In the UK, NHS app ranked first in the list of downloads on Christmas day because users need to visit their covid pass to view vaccination or test results during holiday travel. Amazon Alexa ranks fifth, indicating that Internet of things products may be a hot item on this year's Christmas wish list. Mattel's picionary air ranks eighth in downloads. It is a product that combines board games, Internet of things devices (picionary air pen) and mobile applications. It can provide a completely immersive game experience - allowing people to draw in the air with a pen and watch it on devices or TV. "Roblox" and "rocket League Sideswipe" occupy the top two places in the UK Christmas game download list.

Roblox's user spending on Christmas Day ranks first in the global, US and UK markets; Tiktok tops the global spending list, while HBO Max and Disney + rank first in the United States and the United Kingdom, respectively